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Neno Tronix

Portable Base Speaker

Portable Base Speaker

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Simultaneous natural sound effects
Simple and easy operation
Comfortable user experience
Chinese red color for a noble appearance
Classic black color for a more decent look
Multiple connectivity options: Bluetooth, TF card, USB drive, AUX
Four play modes available
Built-in 2000mA battery for long endurance
High power output of 4W*2
Impressive bass pitch quality

This Speaker delivers natural sound effects simultaneously with straightforward and easy operation, providing a comfortable user experience. Available in Chinese red for a noble look and classic black for a decent appearance, it offers versatile connectivity through Bluetooth, TF card, USB drive, and AUX. With four play modes, a built-in 2000mA battery for extended use, and a high power output of 4W*2, it stands out for its impressive bass pitch quality.

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